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Print Pace Band / Map with Chart
Clicking 'Print Pace Band' will generate a PDF containing your pace band formatted for printing. If Include Water Stops on Pace Band is selected, a 'W' will be added to every mile / kilometer that has a water stop nearby.

Clicking 'Print Map with Chart' will open a new page containing a map of the selected course and a pace chart, including real time splits (if pace band has been created), formatted for printing.

Print Pace Band, Map & Chart
Create GPX for Transfer
'Download .GPX' and 'Transfer to Garmin Device' will create a GPX file containing the selected course and splits. Downloading the GPX allows you to upload the file into your favorite tracking software. Transfer to Garmin device will automatically transfer the file to your Garmin device using the Garmin ANT Agent.

Create GPX for Transfer
Water / Food / Medical / Restroom Stops
Show support stops for the selected course.

Water / Food / Medical / Restroom Stops
1 Event:
Select an available event.
2 Distance:
Select an available distance for the event.
3 Goal Time:
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Enter your goal time in hours, minutes, and seconds. All fields must have a value.
? Time to Start Line:  '
Depending on your goal time and the race, it may take some time to get to the start line. The value entered here will only be used to calculate the time of day you will arrive at certain locations along the course.
? Customize Splits By:
Every race is different, just like every runner. Adjust your splits by selecting one of the options below.

Click 'Create Pace Band' to display your custom pace band. Once created, you can interact with the course on the map, save your selections, print your pace band, print a map with a time table, and transfer your selections to a Garmin device.
Click 'facebook Save' to save the current selections for you. A facebook account is required to save. Once saved all your facebook friends will be able to view your race goals and easily find you along the course.
Click 'facebook Friends' to view all your friends' saved goals. A facebook account is required to view friends' selections.
If you are running with the MyRacePace app, you can select who can see you during the race.
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We only use your facebook id and your friends' facebook ids to save and retrieve courses and GPS positions. We do not post any messages on your wall without your permission. We save your interval preference (statute/metric) in a cookie.

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